A very exciting and challenging project which consisted of modern construction with elements of historical reconstruction with the works taking 10 months to complete on a critical time frame. One of the major challenges on this project was consulting with Heritage Architects Lovell and Chen and the Builder to meet the historical requirements. Works involved casting and installation of ornamental mouldings using traditional render finishes and Internal render works with fairing coat on walls and planters.

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Known as the former Old Bryant & May Match factory. M2 was engaged to recreate and install a replica of the original Wax Vestas Cross due to its deteriated state and its increasing risk to public safety. A cast moulding of the cross element was taken and all 4 elements recast using stainless steel reinforcement rods and traditional pressed cement method. The method for fixing included stainless steel dows with epoxy resins from a great height. Site access was difficult with a Towerlift being used for installation along side Traffic Management requirements.

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A Heritage listed mansion in South Yarra requiring a façade restoration after under pinning works had been completed using traditional lime putty Render. The works included crack repairs using stainless steel expanding metal in conjunction with helifix tie bars.

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This Heritage listed building required extensive repairs to the lathen ceilings to its verandah. Works included removal of dislodging existing ceiling and re-instatement of new hard plaster ceiling .Removal and re-installing of remnant ceiling rose and casting of a replica. Also re-run section of cornice moulding with profile to match existing. Pinning and stabilization of adjacent lathen plaster ceilings with stainless steel screws into existing ceiling joyce was used to repair..

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Works included taking a silicon case replica of the ornamental plaque to be recreated. Re- cast in high strength concrete in a fabricated galvinised steel frame to be craned into a higher location.

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A façade restoration using traditional sand and cement methods involving crack repairs and casting of mouldings including a cementious washcoat to the entire façade.

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A trowel finish using fairing coat with a black oxide render finish to external façade.

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Cement render repairs to external parapet walls after major roof restoration works were taken.